Paul has written over 100 books.

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Hugh Corbett Series

Satan in St Mary’s (1986)
The Crown in Darkness (1988)
Spy in Chancery (1988)
The Angel of Death (1989)
The Prince Of Darkness (1992)
Murder Wears a Cowl (1992)
The Assassin in the Greenwood (1993)
The Song of a Dark Angel (1994)
Satan’s Fire (1995)
The Devil’s Hunt (1996)
The Demon Archer (1999)
The Treason of the Ghosts (2000)
Corpse Candle (2001)
The Magician’s Death (2004)
The Waxman Murders (2006)
Nightshade (2008)
The Mysterium (2010)
The Peacock’s Cry (2016) an e-novella short story
The King’s Writ (2016) an e-novella short story 2017
Death’s Dark Valley (2019)
Hymn to Murder (2020)

Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan

(*Written originally as Paul Harding)

The Nightingale Gallery (1991)*
The House Of The Red Slayer (1992)*
Murder Most Holy (1992)*
The Anger Of God (1993)*
By Murder’s Bright Light (1994)*
The House Of Crows (1995)*
The Assassin’s Riddle (1996)*
The Devil’s Domain (1998)
The Field Of Blood (1999)
The House of Shadows (2003)
Bloodstone (2011)
The Straw Men (2012)
Candle Flame (2014)
The Book of Fires (2014)
The Herald of Hell (2015)
The Great Revolt (2016)
A Pilgrimage to Murder (2016)
The Godless (2018)
The Stone of Destiny (2020)

Sir Roger Shallot Tudor Mysteries

(Written originally as Michael Clynes)

The White Rose Murders (1991)
The Poisoned Chalice (1992)
The Grail Murders (1993)
A Brood of Vipers (1994)
The Gallows Murders (1995)
The Relic Murders (1996)

Margaret Beaufort Mysteries

Dark Queen Rising (2018)
Dark Queen Waiting (2019)


The Death of a King (1985)
Prince Drakulya (1986)
The Lord Count Drakulya (1986)
The Fate of Princes (1990)
Dove Amongst the Hawks (1990)
The Masked Man (1991)
The Rose Demon (1997)
The Haunting (1997)
The Soul Slayer (1997)
The Plague Lord (2002)
The Last of Days (2013)

Kathryn Swinbrooke Series

(Written originally as C. L. Grace)

A Shrine of Murders (1993)
The Eye of God (1994)
The Merchant of Death (1995)
The Book of Shadows (1996)
Saintly Murders (2001)
A Maze of Murders (2002)
A Feast of Poisons (2004)

Canterbury Tales

An Ancient Evil (1994)
A Tapestry of Murders (1994)
A Tournament of Murders (1996)
Ghostly Murders (1997)
The Hangman’s Hymn (2001)
A Haunt of Murder (2002)
The Midnight Man (2012)

Nicholas Segalla Series

(Written originally as Ann Dukthas)

A Time for the Death of a King (1994)
The Prince Lost to Time (1995)
The Time of Murder at Mayerling (1996)
In the Time of the Poisoned Queen (1998)

The Egyptian Mysteries

The Mask of Ra (1998)
The Horus Killings (1999)
The Anubis Slayings (2000)
The Slayers of Seth (2001)
The Assassins of Isis (2004)
The Poisoner of Ptah (2007)
The Spies of Sobeck (2008)

Mystery of Alexander the Great

(Written originally as Anna Apostolou)

A Murder in Macedon (1997)
A Murder in Thebes (1998)

Mahu (The Akhenaten-trilogy)

An Evil Spirit Out of the West (2003)
The Season of the Hyaena (2005)
The Year of the Cobra (2005)


The Templar (2007)
The Templar Magician (2009)

Mathilde of Westminster Series

The Cup of Ghosts (2005)
The Poison Maiden (2007)
The Darkening Glass (2009)

Alexander the Great Mysteries

The House of Death (2001)
The Godless Man (2002)
The Gates of Hell (2003)

Political Intrigue in Ancient Rome

Domina (2002)
Murder Imperial (2003)
The Song of the Gladiator (2004)
The Queen of the Night (2006)
Murder’s Immortal Mask (2008)


(Written originally as Vanessa Alexander)

The Love Knot (1999)
Of Love and War (2000)
The Loving Cup (2001)


The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun (2002)
Isabella and the Strange Death of Edward II (2003)
Alexander the Great, The Death of a God (2004)
The Great Crown Jewels Robbery of 1303 (2005)
The Secret Life of Elizabeth I (2006)
The Death of the Red King (2006)

Matthew Jankyn Series

The Whyte Harte (1988)
The Serpent Amongst the Lilies (1990)

Wars of the Roses Trilogy

Roseblood (2014)


Dr. Paul Doherty is not the author of SHEILDED SPIRIT, an ebook recently published on Amazon under the name of “Paul Doherty”.

Dr. Paul Doherty is not the author of KING ARTHUR (written by Paul C. Doherty, Associate Professor Emeritus, Boston College, and published in the US in 1986 by Chelsea House).